Features of Krypton DAO

1. The Krypton DAO community has many investors, fans and defi users in related fields of the crypto asset industry, and has a broad community foundation.
2. The core members of the Krypton DAO community are all from well-known communities or know leaders of well-known communities, with extensive community resources and strong community backgrounds.
3. The Krypton DAO community will adopt the latest DAO management model and return the rights and obligations of the community to community members in a true sense.
4. Krypton DAO will strive for benefits for community members by aggregating multiple communities. For example, token rewards for cooperative communities, early whitelisting of high-quality cooperative projects, and third-party limited NFT airdrops, etc.
5. Using Krypton DAO as a medium, aggregate selected projects from the community and provide them with good fundraising channels and traffic support.
6. The Krypton DAO community will strengthen the collaboration and connection of the alliance community through display channels and issuing bounty tasks.